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Why Prep concrete floors?

Importance of proper floor preparation

The life of your floor coating is fully dependent on the adhesion to sound concrete. If your floor is dusty, contaminated or has a layer of laitance, impact from any traffic will cause your floor coating to delaminate, leading to a total floor failure.  Poor floor preparation always leads to bad results.

Concrete Floor Grinding Coating Removal

By removing the contaminants and a laitance layer from your concrete floor, your coatings can firmly adhere to the surface.

Floor Preparation Melbourne

Providing you with a long life trouble free commercial floor.

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Our Floor Preparation Methods

Diamond Grinding

Concrete Grinding Diamonds
Ideal method to remove light surface contamination, laitance, tile glues and grouts prior to applying low to medium film thickness Floor Coatings. Diamond grinders use horizontally rotating discs to clean and smooth the concrete surface.

acid etching

acid wash
Ideal method to prepare new or old concrete floors and driveways to accept clear sealers. This method requires the surface to be cleaned thouroghly with high water pressure and is widely used when sealing exposed aggregate concrete driveways

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