clear seal

Need to reseal your concrete driveway?  Our driveway rejuvenation process involves the following:

1. Mild acid wash

2. High water pressure cleaning/blasting

3. Application of 2 coats of UV stable concrete clear sealer. First coat gets diluted with thinners to improve concrete penetration. Second coat gets applied to the floor without addition of any thinners, for better product build up. End result is pictured below.


Floor Seal Moorabbin

FAQ: What is the cost per square metre?

Answer: On average the cost is $16 + gst per square metre.

FAQ: Do you provide a free estimate?

Answer: We certainly do. Our flooring specialist will visit you to find the best approach to your flooring requirement and we will provide you with on a spot Quotation.

FAQ: We are happy with your price, when can you start?

Answer: Our regular turnaround is 2 weeks. This can sometimes extend to 2 months during very busy periods.