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All Employees, Contractors and Sub-Contractors working planning to start any work for Auscraft Services Group must complete our Safety Online Induction.

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What is an Online Contractor Induction?

It is an online safety course that covers our Safety Policies and Procedures designed for staff who are required to work at any Auscraft sites.

Why do I need to do an Online Induction?

By the end of your online induction you will be familiar with our safety requirements and you will be able work safely on all of our sites. This will ensure your safety and wellbeing as well as safety of our team members, customers and visitors.  It provides a consistent way for Auscraft Services Group to meet its Duty of Care to all people working on or visiting our sites.

What to expect during Online Induction?

You will be presented with our Safety Policies and Procedures. There will be few questions asked along the way to test your knowledge. You should answer all the questions to successfully pass the test. At the end of the induction you will be required to submit your:

  • Construction Card
  • Public Liability insurance (if applicable)
  • Work Cover (if applicable)
  • Emergency Contacts

Once received you will be issued with Certificate of Completion. Please print it.

Do I need to carry the certificate?

The card is valid for 12 months and you must carry this card with you at all the time while on our sites.

What if I loose my induction card?

You can log back into online induction system to reprint your Certificate.

What if I experience any difficulties completing the induction?

Contact us

What if I arrive to a site without my Induction Card?

You will be asked to present a digital copy of your Certificate. If there is no evidence of you completing our safety course – you will have to do it online using your mobile phone. Once completed you will be able to enter the site.

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