Epoxy is the family of basic components or cured end products of epoxy resins. Epoxy resins, also known as polyepoxides, are a class of reactive prepolymers and polymers which contain epoxide groups. Epoxies fall into a number of categories: Bisphenol-based, Novolaks, Aliphatic, Halogenated, Diluents and Glycidylamine. Most commonly used epoxies are Bisphenol-based epoxies, once all parts are mixed together molecular weight of the resin increases, the epoxide content reduces and the material behaves more and more like a thermoplastic, giving the floor that plasticky appearance.

In plain English – Epoxy floor coatings are formed from two different chemicals, “resin” and “hardener”. When these compounds are mixed together the resulting polymer is heavily cross-linked and is thus rigid and strong. The drying process is called “curing” and can be controlled through temperature and choice of resin and hardener compounds. Curing process in residential environments usually takes up to 7 days. Epoxy coatings are very practical for house car garages and mechanical workshops. Why? Because epoxy coatings when applied properly are tougher and more durable than any standard concrete sealer that are available through most paint shops and hardware stores. We will tell you all about these sealers in a separate article later. 

So what are the most popular colours when it comes to choosing your new epoxy garage floor? 


As you can probably tell by looking at the pictures above that N35 Light Grey is by far the most popular colour. And there is a good reasons for it. 

1. It reflects a lot of light.

2. Dust, dirt and scratches are not as visible on Light Grey than on many other colours.

3. This colour comes pre-tinted from the factory so there are no supply or waiting period issues.

4. It just looks fresh and crisp.


We service all Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

We usually provide our Quotes  within 24 hours.

We only use high quality 2 pack epoxies that are manufactured here in Australia.

Epoxies last for years but like with anything else, if you don’t look after your garage floor – it will not look like new for very long.  Let us look at some issues that may cause floor failures.

  1. All spills involving harsh chemicals must be cleaned up immediately to avoid floor colour discoloration and failure, and by harsh chemicals we don’t refer to petrol or oils but really aggressive chemicals such as brake fluids, acids and thinners.
  2. Rising damp or build up of hydrostatic pressure may cause floor coatings to fail. If you have any underlying issues with your slab please don’t try to hide it from us, as such failures are not covered by our warranty.
  3. Sand, pebbles, rocks, bolts and nuts should be cleaned up from your garage floor ASAP. These loose materials can get stuck to your tyres and leave unsightly chips. This damage can be touched up, but we will have to charge you a minimal call out fee to have this problem rectified, as such damage is not covered by our warranty.
  4. If heavy or sharp object are dropped onto the floor they may dint your coating. Again this can be rectified but a small fee will apply.  

Epoxy floor coatings are widely used in commercial and industrial applications but some residential clients think that epoxy coatings are bulletproof. All products have their limitations and floor coatings are not any different. You can park your truck, B double or an airplane on it and nothing will happen to your floor but if you drop hammers, engines, spanners etc you will notice that your floor will eventually chip.   

Look after it and will provide you with years of service.

Yes, all our jobs are covered by a 12 months warranty against peeling and blistering. Some limitation do apply. We do not cover issues arising from hydrostatic pressure, fire, flood, loose pebbles/sand/stones, mechanical or any damage arising from welding, grinding, smelting, dragging items across the floor, or any damage caused by using the floor while it was curing.

If you are in Melbourne metro the average cost to prepare and seal your double car garage floor is $2,400 + gst
For Regional Victoria this price is around $2,800 + gst

If your garage floor is coated with a solid coloured epoxy it may look good for a number of years, all depends how clean it is kept. Normally we would suggest you to recoat your garage floor every 4 – 6 years to keep that new and clean look. 

If your floor is coated with our Premium Flake Polyurea finish, this finish is much harder to damage and you may consider reapplying a clear sealer every 6 – 10 years, depending again on how much traffic and abuse your floor gets. 

Please note that these are our guides only and every household/business should consider their own circumstances and when it would be best to recoat their garage floors. 

We usually apply 2 and sometimes 3 coats of 2 pack epoxy, depending on concrete porosity and colour opacity.

Regular sized house car garage takes 2 days from start to finish. Flake flooring system takes around 3-4 days to install.

Noise – yes, Dust – No

Our industrial dust extraction systems are even  capable and approved for vacuuming asbestos dust, let alone concrete. Most epoxies we use are a bit smelly but we can revert to using water based products in environments such as schools and hospitals.

Unfortunately we are no longer accepting credit cards. EFT is now our preferred payment method.

Our regular turnaround is around 2-3 weeks.


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