Floor Preparation Melbourne

Concrete grinding

One of the most important parts of any floor coating jobs. Grinders profile the floor making



Ideal choice for coatings of basements, car garages, factories and warehouses. When applied professionally these floors will last for many years without peeling or blistering

polyurethane floor coatings melbourne


When UV stability is required and when the floor is prone to movement consider having a UV stable polyurethane coating that is high in solids and high in built

polyurea floor coating


Twenty times stronger and 98% more flexible than epoxy coatings Polyurea comes with a higher price-tag. Usually used to top coat flake systems or as a stand alone clear or solid colour floors

flake polyurea floor coating system melbourne


Flake floors gained popularity in residential basements and in schools as well as in council buildings such as pools and sport centres. Ideal choice where longevity and slip resistance is a must.

Floor Seal Moorabbin

Clear seal

Ideal choice when resurfacing driveways and exposed aggregate concrete slabs. Preparation involves acid wash and pressure cleaning followed by application of clear concrete sealer