Driveway Sealing



Step 1

Acid Washing

Step 2



We service all South East and Bayside areas from Port Melbourne to Mornington Peninsula.


We usually can provide you with a quote within 2-3 business days

We only use high quality concrete sealers such as Avista and NU Tech. 

We recommend resealing your driveways every 2-3 years to ensure it is kept in best condition.

On average the cost to prepare and to seal your concrete driveway either in clear or in colour is around $29 per m2 + gst

We apply 2 and sometimes 3 coats of coloured or clear concrete sealer, depending on concrete porosity and colour opacity.

Regular sized house driveways take around 2-3 days from start to finish.

Noise – yes, Dust – No

Our pressure washers are petrol powered and therefore create a bit of a noise during pressure cleaning. Also our concrete sealers have a bit of a odour, as they are solvent based.

Unfortunately we are no longer accepting credit cards. EFT is our preferred payment method.

Our regular turnaround is around 2-3 weeks.

Concrete driveways with exposed aggregate require regular re-sealing as concrete sealer wears out over time. Our  process to restore your driveway involves the following:

1. Mild acid wash (eco friendly)

2. High water pressure cleaning/blasting 

3. Application of 2 and in some cases 3 coats of UV stable concrete clear sealer. First coat of concrete sealer gets diluted with thinners to improve concrete penetration, second coat gets applied to the floor without addition of any thinners, for better product build up. End result is a clean and shiny concrete driveway. 

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