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The lifespan of your floor coating depends on how well it is adhered to your concrete floor. If your floor is dusty, contaminated or has a layer of laitance, impact from any traffic will cause your floor coating to delaminate and peel off. Even when your concrete floor is brand new, it still needs to be prepared to allow the slab to absorb the coating, if you want it to last.

Please remember that lack of correct floor preparation ALWAYS leads to floor failure.


By removing the contaminants from old floors and a laitance layer from new concrete – your coatings can firmly adhere to floor surface, providing you with a long life/ trouble free garage floor. 

What is laitance and why does it have to be removed?

Laitance is a form of a weak, friable layer on the surface of concrete and sand cement screeds which appears after curing. It is made from cement and fine aggregates that rise to the surface when too much water is added. Laitance is a major cause of failure in floor coating installations. When floor coating are applied over laitance, the top of the floor gets easily chipped away and damaged with any floor coatings on top, even the hardest wearing floor products are no match against laitance.

Let us properly prepare your concrete floor, remove tile glue residue and laitance. 

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