non slip

Anti slip flooring

Do you need a CSIRO Certified Slip Resistant floor ranging from R9 to R12 or would you like your floors just to be slip resistant?


We have a range of non slip flooring options for you to choose from. From epoxies and polyurethanes to polyurea and low VOC floors that are Certified with Green Building Council of Australia, the choice is yours. Let’s look at some popular options.

epoxy non slip floor

1. Solid Colour two pack epoxy and Polyurethane non-slip floors


Two pack high build high solids roll on epoxy floor coating that provides a hardwearing surface. It is ideal for use in areas subject to foot and rubber-tyred vehicle traffic. Self primed coating compatible with prepared damp surfaces that resists high humidity amd moisture. It also has good chemical resistance to splash/spillage and suitable for use in drinking water (AS 4020 and NSF Standard 61 CLD23) and incidental food contact (USDA approved).
Approved to APAS 2973, 2976 and 2977. This floor comes in a range of 356 colours and it has semi gloss finish.

Slip resistance from R9 to R12

Typical applications: Auto & Engineering Workshops, Multi-Level / Basement Car Parks, Food preparation areas, Residential Garage Floors.

2. Solid Colour two pack low VOC epoxy non-slip floor


Two pack high solids roll on epoxy that is specifically designed for applications to internal concrete floors.  This product has significantly lower odour that conventional epoxies, thus offering improved indoor air quality. It also has excellent flow-out on application, and greatly improves the aesthetics and cleanability of concrete floor. This products incorporates a special curing mechanism that provides a tough cross-linked finish with superior hardness and wearing charachteristics, together with resistance to: oil, petrol, grease stains, solvents and hot tyres. This floor comes in a range of 356 colours and it has low sheen – semi gloss finish.

  • Short cure time allows multiple coats in a day to achieve a trafficable floor sooner
  • Low odour formula ideal for hospitals, aged care facilities and schools
  • Suitable for facilities with very short down-time available for maintenance
  • Tough and chemical resistant

Slip resistance from R9 to R12

Typical applications: Multi-Level / Basement Car Parks, Auto & Engineering Workshops, Food preparation areas, Public Pavilions, Residential/ Commercial Garage Floors


3. Multi coloured vinyl flake floor

One of the best looking non slip flooring options is Decorative flake floor.  Vinyl chips are incorporated in seamless epoxy and polyurethane floor systems to provide a multicoloured finish. The floor is then sealed usnig polyurea UV stable top coats. The vinyl flakes are a colourful, tough and require no maintenance apart from usual cleaning. This seamless and hygienic coating system is ideal option for any showroom, house, apartment, commercial kitchen, pool areas, and any outdoor areas. This floor comes in a range of 64 colour variations and it can be done in: matt, semi gloss and gloss finishes.

Slip resistance from R10 to R12