Garage Floor Beaumaris

The owners of this property in Beaumaris converted their carport into a triple car garage. We were engaged to carry out two jobs: 1 Ceiling and walls painting and garage floor resurfacing. All surfaces had to be repaired and sanded/ground prior to being re-coated.

Preparation + Painting

garage floor beaumaris

We started the job by patching holes in ceiling and walls and then by filling all the gaps. Two coats of Dulux Weathershield matt were applied. Once painting was done we started prepping the floor. First we had to grind it to remove any existing paving paint that was on it and to open up concrete. All cracks were patched up with epoxy filler.

Epoxy base coating

garage floor painting
garage floor coating melbourne

Once epoxy filler dried we applied two coats of 2 pack cold cure epoxy base in Light Grey colour N35 with 24 hours between coats and heaters turned on, as this job was done in mid June. 

Flake broadcasting and polyurea Coating

flake garage floor melbourne polyurea
polyurea flake garage floor beaumaris

During second base coat epoxy application at this job in Beaumaris, we covered the floor with “Wombat” flakes. On the next day we removed all the flake excess and top coated garage floor with gloss polyurea coating. Polyurea floor coating is one of the toughest clear sealers available to the industry today as well as it also is one of the most expensive floor coating products. Polyurea coatings are UV stable which means that your new garage floor will not discolour over time.

How much would a similar painting and floor coating job cost? 

To repair and to repaint garage ceilings, walls and timber trims for a similar job would approx cost anywhere between $2,000 – $2,500 + gst, depending on how much prep is involved.

To prep, repair and to seal garage floors for a similar sized garage would cost anywhere between $3,900 – $4,900 + gst, again depending on how much grinding and repair works are involved.

If you are considering to get your garage floors done, do not hesitate to give us a call or email us for a prompt and friendly local service.

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