Garage Floor Brighton

We were asked to rectify an issue with the floor caused by another contractor for a house in Brighton.

Pictures below show how some so called epoxy floor professionals do their jobs.

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basement garage epoxy coating brighton

During the inspection we were told that the contractor who did the floor refused to fix it as he could not find anything wrong with the floor !!!

There was no doubt that the existing floor coating had to be completely removed. We used PCD diamond blades to cut through the coating and then we diamond ground the floor to remove any laitance, profiling the floor. Cracks were chased open and 2 pack liquid epoxy filler was used to fill it up. Excess was removed by spot grinding.

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concrete floor preparation brighton
concrete floor preparation brighton

Then epoxy coating was applied in gloss “Lead Grey” colour.

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garage epoxy floor brighton
epoxy floor brighton

If you have any floor coating problems or if you need to seal your garage floor in Brighton or in any other suburb give us a call today on 1300 245 325