Garage Floor Mulgrave

Driveway + garage floor Coating

This house in Mulgrave was going up for sale. Our customer wanted to seal all concrete floors to make the house look really good. We suggested to seal the driveway with Charcoal concrete sealer and garage floor with 2 pack epoxy. Preparation work had to be as follows:

1. Driveway had to be treated with mild solution of hydrochloric acid then pressure cleaned.

2. Garage floors had to be diamond ground to remove thin layer of flaky paving paint.


Normally you can paint your driveway using 2 coats of quality paving paint. First coat is diluted with thinners for better adhesion and concrete penetration, please follow your product manufacturer ratio specifications. This particular driveway was really thirsty and we ended up applying 3 coats of paving paint in “Deep Charcoal”.

Garage floor on the other hand had to be coated only twice as high built two pack products are much thicker than paving paints.

If you are considering to seal your garage floor in Mulgrave or in any other Melbourne suburb -give us a call today to schedule in free garage floor inspection. 

Paving paint vs epoxy

A lot of the times we are being asked what is the difference between paving paint and epoxy floor coatings.

We use paving paints:

On exterior surfaces surfaces  such as driveways. Paving paints are UV stable and come in range of colours, they are also easy to apply. Paving paints are cheaper than epoxies or any other floor coatings and they can be applied as non slip in matt or with addition of non slip aggregates.

We do not use paving paints:

Anywhere where a hard wearing floor surface is required. Even the best paving paints, in our opinion, are not strong enough to be hot tyre resistant. They wear out very quick, as they are water thin, and do not have enough solids to withstand continuous foot or vehicular traffic.

We use epoxies:

On most internal surfaces such as car garages, basements, car parks, where a hard wearing floor surface is required. Epoxies are more expensive than paving paints but they provide a much thicker film layer that protects concrete floor surfaces from oils, mild acids and other contaminants. Epoxies are very durable and can be tinted to pretty much any colour. If non slip surface is required we add non slip aggregates.

We do not use epoxies:

As a top coat on exterior surfaces as epoxies are not UV stable. We use self primed Epoxies externally only as a base coat and then 2 pack polyurethanes as top coats.

If you are not sure what would be the best floor coating system for your job give us a call today or email us.