Garage Floor Toorak

Owners of this apartment block in Toorak contacted us for a quote to reseal their basement floor. The floor was previously coated with 2 pack epoxy and it was in relatively good condition apart from few areas where it was worn out. You could also see a few cracks here and there. We suggested to lightly grind the floor and then to apply 2 roll coats of industrial grade 2 pack flooring epoxy in N35 Light Grey colour. 


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garage flooring epoxy toorak


garage floor coatings in melbourne toorak
garage floor coatings toorak melbourne

This job took us 4 days from start to finish. We ground the floor back to bare concrete and all cracks were repaired too. Two coats of 2 pack epoxy were applied to get to a semi gloss finish. The end result is a durable, hot tyre and petrol resistant basement floor.

How much did it cost? 

Jobs of this size costs around $45 p/m2 + gst + repairs

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